Metal Lid For Birko 40l Urn.

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Anyone found a decent metal lid, preferably flat and SS, for a Birko 40l ?

I'm planning on mounting a wort return and thermowell through it, similar to Big Naths and others.

(Please don't sue me for using this pic, Nath ! :( :) )

Cheers, Dan
Just a quick bump on this before I start trawling the shops with my tape measure in hand <_<
I'll post a solution if I find one...just for the BIAB lurkers :ph34r:
Do you still have the black one that came with it? I think that would do the same thing and would be a perfect fit.
I do have the original plastic lid but it's cracked and I would prefer something a bit more sturdy.

Maybe they used to come with metal lids...but plastic clearly saves on Mr Birko's precious profit.
Interesting. A few years ago I contacted them asking if they sold replacement lids before I took to mine with a drill - they did. Might be worth asking if they still stock ye olde metal uns.

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