Measuring Co2 Output During Fermentation

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I thought I had gone a little overboard when I set up temp monitoring and graphing of my brewing equip. Even more so when I set up audio and video streaming.

However I feel more comfortable now that I've found this guy who has hooked up a CO2 flow meter to his fermenter. He has then hooked it up to a datalogger and graphed the CO2 produced during fermentation.

Check out his page here

Will you stop this Doc ! :eek:

Going broke how it is ! :lol:

That's one thing I don't need :unsure:
...but you need this Batz.

It is a Fermentation airlock bubble counter

Check it out here.

Then you could log the data and graph on it :p :p :eek:

thats exactly what ive been looking for.. a bubble counter..NOT
rather the refractometer.

what next.. a scanner to tell you how many bubbles in your head :D of beer
way to many gadgets.i just want to make beer.

big d
Ok big d and Batz.
I've found the item you tradies would love and could probably build yourself as well.

from eBay here

Treat yourself to a new HEAVY DUTY AIR LOCK. This beauty is the perfect way to top off your homebrew. I think of it as a hood ornement for your brew. I was tired of finding the pieces of my junky plastic one all over the dish washer, and it looked so cheap, So I made this. It is constructed of all copper tubing, and the lid is heavy glass. The entire unit can be boiled to sanitize or placed in your dishwasher for a lifetime. The main body is approximately 1 1/2" in diameter and 5" long, the valve is 5/8" Diameter and 1 3/4" long. The glass top is 1 3/4" Diameter and sits about 3/4 of an inch over the main assembly. All copper pieces are a brushed finish so no finger prints show. The best part is you can see and HEAR your brew. The copper valve moves up from the pressure in your fermenter and when the pressure is released makes a faint bell like tone as it falls gently down onto the center stem. It's cool and looks great when you show your friends your bubbling wort.



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