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Hi Guys,

Been slowly putting together a set-up to move from BIAB to 3-tier All Grain. Well it looks like i'll be brewing this Friday. However, I filled my mash tun today with water to test the drainage. The tap sits higher than the concave bottom (you can guess what kind of vessel it is) and its failed to drain the last 3.6 litres of liquid. Is this normal for my kind of vessel? If not any ideas? Im absolutely useless with fittings and soldering etc. I really wanted to brew this Friday (I made a starter). What should I use to access the extra liquid? I live in Sydney, any pointers on somewhere to go to pick-up the parts required?

Much appreciated in advance.

Make sure the pickup is airtight and put a hose on the outlet ball valve/tap with the end of it below the bottom of the tun. This will achieve a siphon effect and pull the water up and out of the tun.
Yep, what argon said. Make sure have a hose on the outlet otherwise it won't siphon. I've made this mistake before.
Ahh I see. I did not do this, just had it on the ground.

Thanks guys everything should be all good on brew day then.

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