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Hi all

There seems to be a lot of consternation about the judging of the Mash Paddle. So, lets have a constructive chat about it and allay any fears.
This is a long post, but a lot needs to be said.

First - from Steve's post
All beers where judged in round one by three judge [ two men and one lady]. The judges were not allowed to discuss the beers. All scores for a beer were added and then averaged.

The top 5 beers from round one were then given a different ID number that only I knew and presented to the panel of judges to again be judged.

This ensured the judges were unable to refer to any previous tasting notes they had taken. There was a gap of about 30 minutes between the finish of round one and the start of round two.

In the second judging panel 4 judges scored the beers. Our original 3 judges plus a commercial brewer.
The judges were not allowed to discuss the beers.

The scores from the second round were averaged and added to the score from the first round and averaged to give an overall score for the day.

The beers were judged out of a possible score of 80 points.

I was one of the judges (for better or worse) and I wrote notes on EVERY beer as I judged it and I went back and tasted a few beers again after the judging finished. I don't think I made any classic blunders B)

Remember every person can taste different things in beers. Each of us picked up different things and some judges picked faults in some beers that others couldn't taste - an example, I judged in another comp with someone who could always smell oxidation, I can't, but I can taste in a beer. We are all different.

A comment on the beers. A lot were a bit too hoppy for a light beer and out of balance. The top 5 beers were all very well balanced, but all slightly different.

There were a LOT OF VERY GOOD BEERS. Most entrants should take a bit of pride in how good their entries were.

and lastly
You had to be in it to win it. :p


PS - If you are mad enough, you too can run your own comp. :D

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