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I got the ingredients to make a first pass based on the recipe I posted above along with the advice in the thread - once that is done and I've seen how it turns out I may well give this a go. It sounds great.
Awesome. Here’s the recipe if you are keen:

Boil Size: 31L
Post Boil Volume: 26
Batch Size (fermenter): 23L
Bottling Volume: 21.5L
Estimated OG: 1.052 SG
Estimated FG: 1.010 SG
Estimated ABV: 5.34%
Estimated Color: 3.6 SRM
Estimated IBU: 21.9 IBUs

Brewhouse Efficiency: 70%

Boil Time: 60 Minutes


3kg Pale American 2-Row, (1.8 SRM) 54.5% 2.5kg Wheat, (1.8 SRM) 45.5%

10g Dr Rudi [11 %] - Boil 60 min 13.26 IBUs
15g Dr Rudi [11 %] - Boil 10 min 8.66 IBUs

4g Brewbrite - Boil 10 min
1 Whirlfloc - Boil 10 min

1 pk Lallemand Voss Kveik

Mash Schedule: A - Single Infusion
Total Grain Weight: 5.5kg

Mash @ 68*C for 60 mins
Mash out @ 78*C for 10 mins
Sparge @ 78*C

Pitch 1 packet of Lallemand Voss Kveik at 42*C and hold as high as possible, ideally 36-40*C until fermentation is complete. Carbonate to 2.7 volumes.

Personally, I bottle Voss beers after 3-5 days and find the bottles are good to drink after a further 4-7 days if you can maintain a high ambient temp. Don’t bother with a secondary fermentation or even a clean up period, I swear it’s not required.
Ok so bit of an update here. Tried the Brulosophy short and shoddy recipe with the hops discussed in the thread.

Batch = 27L
American Style Pale Malt - 3.5Kg
Wheat - 3.5 kg

Mash 30 mins at 66 deg

25 Minute Boil time - 20 IBU target
Cascade 8g - 25 min
Eclipse 15g - 15 min
Eclipse 25g - 5 min

Dry Hop Eclipse and Victoria Secret.

I was a bit concerned about the very short mash time but the efficiency they reported was fine and got an OG of 1.055. I only got 1.041 in the end, which I think may be due to my mash being too thick, or not stirring enough given the high wheat content. Could just be that it needed more time as my setup is not exactly the same as that of the original recipe. So I ended up boiling it for an extra 15 mins before adding the hops to reduce the end volume. (Initial post mash gravity would have ended in the mid strength range without it I think).

So I will likely end up with higher IBUs than planned from the reduced vol but hopefully not too bad. In the fermenter now and bubbling away - will report back once I've taken the first sample.
Another update - it's finally conditioned and ready to drink. A few things learned from this experience.

Appearance - a touch darker and less light yellow than what I was aiming for in the Green Beacon Beer.
Taste - The up-front hop flavour and aroma is amazing. The flavour is pretty much bang on what I was looking for and the aroma is far better than the original commercial beer.
Bitterness - Big disappointment here. It's far too bitter for the style and has a long tail so for my tastes I won't be able to drink more than one of these in a sitting so the batch will last a really long time. When I added the extra boil to reduce the volume I should have reduced the early hops significantly, a mid strength beer without the bitterness would have been far more preferable to what I have now.

So the good news is that I know what to do to make a really good version of the target beer at home, I just didn't get it right first time and have to work through this batch before giving it another go.

Thanks for the help everyone - I'll definitely be making this again and will try some of the recipes posted here also.

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