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March Pump Order (melbourne)

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I'm about to pull the trigger on a March pump from Tesco, anyone from Melbourne interested in grabbing one to get the dual postage deal?
pity we didnt contact each other as mine arrived 5 days ago.

that is why i am getting the camlocks from Chi as i want to use all NPT on my march pump,Duda plate chiller and hop rocket to get the correct thread not that BSP is not close.

What setup on the plate chiller do you have?Male thread or mix of male thread and barbs or garden hose fittings?

[topic="0"]Camlocks and hops[/topic]
[topic="0"]Plate chillers[/topic]
[topic="0"]Hop Rocket[/topic]

I ended up getting the camlocks from Geordi, got a bit of a discount for cash so it wasn't too bad, they are only 5min from me so I can always go back to grab a few extras if needed.

I'm still to source a chiller, had my heart set on the Chillus Convolutus but postage from the US is a killer, so I may settle on a 30 plate Keg King chiller as the price is good(they are also close to me!). But from what I can see they have barbs permanently fitted, I would prefer threaded bosses so I can fit some male camlocks.

Everything I have so far is BSP so figured I would stick with that and deal with any NPT or otherwise when/if I have to.

My current shopping list is:
- Pump
- Chiller
- false bottom for mash tun keg
- Electric element for boil keggle

Then I should be ready to pump out my first AG batch :icon_cheers:
I might jump in on a pump. I'll have a quick look around after work today. I'll get back to you, are you on my side of town?
I'm in Cheltenham, not that close but I'm sure we could meet half way some where to do the hand over?

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