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Equipment For Sale [NSW, 2213] - Unused Pumps, Fittings and Used Gas Cylinders

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Brand new, unused. Components from an ambitious project that I lost the momentum on and have moved on.

6m of 1/2" hose
1 helix coil for draining
6 1/2" ball valves
3 25W Magnetic pumps
3 Stainless Steel pump lids
6 1/2" internal threaded female tees
~19 pairs of Camlock Female / 1/2" hose bard with corresponding Camlock Male / 1/2" Male thread
6 1/2" 90° angles (Female internal, Male external)
8 1/2" male to male threaded
5 stainless steel and silicone washers
a 20mm Hole Punch, die and punch set
several other hose barbs / male threaded

Realise this combination of items might not be everyone's cup of tea, but would rather get rid of it as a bundle. As such, looking for maybe $~300.


Also available, Gas cylinders.

As shown, in order from left to right:

  • Mixed Gas (Speed Gas) Nitrogen and CO2, with regulator, $150.
  • 6kg CO2, with regulator, $80.
  • 2 x 2.6 kg CO2 with regulators, $50 each.
  • Nitrogen (straight), with regulator, $100.
All nitrogen bottles owned (no lease / contract) and can weigh them if you're super keen.

Can take everything in the post for a total of $650/


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