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Piggy Smalls

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My LHBS in Perth has started stocking locally produced barley from Mallokup Malt, grown in the SW of WA.
I just brewed my second Sparkling Ale using the pale malt. Not sure if it’s because it is so fresh but the smell when mashing is divine. Efficiency has been above average both times and the beer has a wonderful flavour. I’d say it’s the best Australian barley I have brewed with.
Has anybody else got experience with Mallokup Malt and have they experienced similar findings?
Send five kilos and I'll let you know.

Sounds good.
I brewed with their ale malt today. It behaved differently to other malts I’ve used.

The grains were nice and plump and left very little flour behind on the mill compared to other brands. The mash seemed to convert very quickly. 15 minutes into a 62 degree rest and it was running crystal clear. The foam at the start of the hot break was the whitest I’ve ever seen. Efficiency was normal.

I don’t know why it behaved slightly differently or how any of this will be reflected in the taste. I’ll let you know in two weeks!

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