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Rob S

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Lloyd's Krispy Kolsch.

Tweaked by Mark at MHB - thanks guy an incredible resource.

Only been in the bottle two days when I had three mates come around unexpectantly and thought I'd bring it out.

Apologised for it being "green" being only 2 days in the bottle.

We're on our 9th tallie of it now. OMFG it's good. Really really good.

I recommend it to anyone, everyone.

I can't wait to stop drinking it and let it sit for a couple of weeks in the bottle, it can only get better.

Lloyd, I've never met you, but me, the missus and my mates think you're an absolute champ.

Off to polish of some more green Lloyd's Krispy Kolsch.

Recipe (modified by Mark @ MHB attached)

Id be keen t see the recipe
+1 for recipie please, could not find it in DB

agreed that slightly green is the best way to drink kolsch imo

2 days does seem extremly green though :p
Hahaha I was shit-faced when I wrote this. I attached the recipe but it's gone...or did I? I'm sure a week or two in the bottle can't hurt I'll dry out a but which will be nice.

Pilsner (Wey Ger) 75%
Vienna Malt (Ger) 20%
Cara Hell (Ger) 5%

30 mins @ 50*C
60 mins @ 66*C
10 mins @ 70*C

60 min boil with Hallertau @ 60 (to 23 IBU)

EBC is 9

OG 1.041
F 1.011

Wyeast Kolsch 2565

ABV 4.02%

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