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Rob S

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I made a 4.5L starter with Wyeast 2565 Kolsch and split it, half for a Kolsch and half for a Stout as follows.

5L boiling water. Into it throw a bagged up 250g rolled oats & 250g of unmalted Hindmarsh barley that my mate got me off the farm & I roasted in the oven. Simmer this for 30 mins, squeeze & drain the bag.

Throw in a tin of Coopers Dark Ale & continue the boil for another 30 mins.

At some point soon after this I tossed in 1kg of LME.

At 10 mins to go throw in 15g of bagged Saaz.

At 5 mins to go throw in a tin of Coopers Stout & 75g of cocoa made into a paste with hot water.

At flameout throw in another bagged 15g Saaz & 100g of coursely ground coffee beans.

I left both the Saaz socks in for another 10 mins & took them both out & put the lid on the pot, wrapped it tight with glad wrap & brought it down to 15*C and threw it in the fermenter with 2L of charging Wyeast Kolsch and brought it up to 23L. Initial tasting was very nice, reasonably strong coffee flavour which I like.

OG was 1052 @ 44*C and 1050 @ 15*C.

I stared in wonder at my creation & named it Mocha Snout.

I've also decided to forego conventional thinking & leave it at 15*C for 4 weeks, bottle with dark brown sugar & not touch a drop until its been in the bottle 6 months.

God only knows how it will go, but it was a fun day.

Oh yeah, and Lloyds Krispy Kolsch (BIAB version) turned out frickin' sensational.

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