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Thank god, when they announced they had procured the property for the brewery it was with much disappointment that we all heard there was to be no restaurant like they have in Freo.

News today indicates otherwise Geelong Advertiser Link
Fantastic, it looks like a great venue. I can wait to make the trip down for a few beers and a bite to eat. I hope theres accommodation available! :icon_chickcheers:
When it opens i might have to do the 12 hour drive down to see my parents hehe
Great for Geelong - But this kind of takes the Novelty away from the Freo location. Knowing all the beer came from there was a nice thing.
I've seen the site including the building where hospitality will be and it's dead sexy. Like a lot of the comments on that article say, it's really great to see this brewery being built in an old factory like the mill. When everything comes together it'll be nothing short of iconic.
Finally, Geelong gets somewhere decent to drink! I was hoping they'd go down this path.