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We have two giant Lillypilly trees in the backyard and from the fruit have made jelly and syrup topping for icecream.Does anyone know of or have a recipe for a drink made from the fruit,is it possible?
Ripped from here

Lillypilly Cordial

2 cups fruit
juice of 1 large lemon
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons tartaric acid

Stew fruit till soft. Push through a sieve. Replace liquid in pan; add sugar and lemon ; simmer 10 minutes. Take off heat; stir in tartaric acid. Bottle and seal at once. Keep for up to a month in a cool place. Discard if it bubbles, changes colour or grows anything odd.
Love disclaimer in the last line.

A lilly pilly beer would be interesting, but might the fruit be a bit to dainty for that? How about a melomel?
Thanks Linz,Ill give that a crack.Kai yeah I thought it might be a bit subtle for a beer but not being a mead or cider drinker I dont know the ins and outs of it,am I looking for a raspberry mead and just replacing with lillypilly SWMBO was hoping for something "sparkling"
Thanks for your help
Tried oztops yet? Good way to do a trial 1 l batch and have it sparkling within a week or so to see if its worth doing a full batch.
Update- picked a 15L bucket worth of fruit and boiled down to a sryup,added it to a half keg of soda water with some vodka.Its a dry drink quite nice and very pink,but with the amount of fruit need to do half a keg its too much effort for my liking.
I thought this thread looked familiar. I was just about to suggest a wheat beer too.

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