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I use a fair few PET bottles because they're good to take to parties when you don't want to be bringing bottles home. Everyone says that they leak, but I didn't really believe it. Now I know it's true.

A mate had a big lunch for leaving work and I took along a few large plastic bottles of beer. One of them was a 2 litre Lift bottle full of a 6-months-old stout I had been saving for such an occasion. The beers that were 2-4 months old were fine, but the stout was really flat. I generally under-prime and prefer low-carb dark ales, but this was flat out flat. I poured it from a height, whisked it with a fork and managed to build up a bit of bum fluff on top and it didn't die straight away. But it was really flat.

The upside was we were already three parts full so no-one really cared and it went down a treat.

So it's true. Just in case you were wondering, like me, whether it was another homebrew myth, PET bottles really do leak. I still like em but.
I can see the attraction in 'em when it comes to not having to remember to take bottles home. However, I reckon homebrew has enough image problems in some circles without using plastic. I think if I ever get sick of the amount of bottles I lose when going out then I'll start bottling to twist tops for non-returnable situations.