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Hi all,

I have a batch of stout that I bottled last year that has aged magically, the only problem is that one in 3 has not carbed.
I dont know if this is a fault with the capping or if I forgot to add carb drops to them.

I have since moved to kegging, is it possible to gently pour the beer into a keg and use as normal?
If so, how would I go about it to avoid oxygen contact as much as possible?

Ive poured beer into kegs a couple of times. One time with gushers, damned high gravity yeast kept fermenting. I thought for sure something bad would happen but it didnt. The other time I kegged a case of SN Torpedo Ale so I could dry hop it to freshen it up. No issues and it was much better with the fresh hops.
You shouldn't have any dramas, just pour slowly to avoid as much splashing and purge all the air out, fill the keg with co2
You may want to consider cutting back the keg pick up tube a bit, as once all the combined yeast settles out, you'll be sucking it up and re-disturbing it for quite a few pints. Better off just picking up from above the yeast cake if possible.
Don't cut the dip tube on the keg. I did it on one of my 50L. I was a ******* idiot, it works well but what happens when you need it full length. Better to pour until the beer is clear than destroy the dip tube.
Thanks, I will keg them this afternoon.

This also means I can use my new Perlick flow control without waiting for the next batch to mature (its a 3 shades of stout and I want to wait as long as possible to let it age).
I was assuming plastic dip tube in a corny. You just interchange it with a new one (plenty available online) and retrofit the short one again whenever naturally carbing in the keg. I wouldn't cut a 50l keg metal tube, no.
Its a stainless dip tube. I will pour the beer off the yeasties in the bottles, they are about 10 months old so they should be fairly compact. And as its a stout, I am not too worried about clarity if there is a bit of yeast left.

Edit: Spelling.
I would maybe chill the bottles so the ones that are carbed froth less.

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