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Green Iguana

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The keg set up is complete in the garage...but i'm having a few problems...

Whats the best way to carbonate then get the correct serving pressure.....

I chilled the keg overnight... connected the gas disconnect.....turned it up to 340 KPa.....rolled it for 6 mins.....puged some pressure...then connected the out disconnect...the beer is not really carbonated...what did i do wrong...
Hi GI,

Everyone has their own favourite way of gassing and I've come to the conclusion that no one way is the correct way to do it. I generally will pump the pressure up to 350 kpa, burp the keg to remove any H2O and then shake the sh*t out of it (stopping only to re-gas). I'll have one or two (or five or ten) drinks out of it ( at approx 50 kpa) then pumped the gas back up to 350 kpa overnight to keep a saturation head carbonation going. I always disconnect the gas inlet from the kegs these days as I've found that too many small leaks have started to occur and I'm sick of losing gas (as well as the resultant flat beer). My serving pressure is generally in the range of 50 - 80 kpa. Hope this helps.
If if leave 260 KPa on it for 48 hours it should carbonate.... this should be cool assuming my set up has no leaks...another thing how do you bring down the pressure to intially start serving....i turned the gas off...wound the regulator down, and berr still pissed all over the place when i "carefully" released the purge valve.....
The beer is frothy in the keg after you've shaken it. That's why it sprays everywhere. My technique is simple. Chill keg and hook up gas at 100kPa (200Kpa if you want it a little quicker). Sit down and watch tv while shaking. I periodically turn the gas bottle off every now and then keep shaking and watch the pressure go down. Eventually the pressure will stop dropping (about 4-5 mins) and that's pretty much it. I pour a glass for my efforts (carb won't be perfect but good enough) and then just leave the pressure on the keg at 100kPa for a while (day or two). Done.

I keg the beer and purge the headspace of Oxygen.
Allow to cool overnight.
Then gas at 300kpa for 48 hours.
After 48 hours wind the regulator off for that gas line, and release the pressure with the pressure release valve.
Connect the tap and start drinking.

Agree... everyone does it differently....

I'm never in a rush to carbonate. So I just connect the gas up at serving pressure (around 80-100kpa depending on style) in my lagering fridge and just leave it to carbonate over a week. I usually do this nearing the end of cold conditioning of the beer. Since I've usually got a couple of beer lined up ready to drink, a little time to gas is never a problem....
I find a slow carbonation over a few days results in a finer bubble. Sorry no science to back this up......

Hows this for an idea... feel free to plagiarise it
I've been eyeing off some secondary regulators and a manifold at super cheap auto's. There designed for compressed air.
The plan is to run a main gas line from my cylinder through a standard regulator, then tap of the manifold to several kegs all of which can have different serving/carbonating pressures.. the mini regs are around the $20 mark. so not out of reach when designing your next upgrade....

Asher for now
Sweet idea Asher! I've been switching between pressures of late and taking gas connects off and on, as I've got some english bitters and wheat beers (obviously different carb levels). I can't see a problem with this set up at all because your no longer dealing with high pressures from the bottle, your primary regulator is dealing with this. Do you know if the threads are compatible or will you just like them up with barbed hose fittings?

Asher: I work for super cheap autos (in a warehouse, not retail store), and thus I get 25% staff discount. I'd be more than happy to purchase anything you like at a saving. (Plus you'd be the guinea pig to see if that stuff works well with beer, to be honest I'd never though of using any of the air tool gear).

I'm in Perth as well, just let me know if you want anything.

With a job like that. If you do enough favours here you won't have to brew due to all the free homebrewed graft you'll recieve.....

A bit of research needs to be done on the regulatord first. I'm not sure what the pressure range is. If its in the ballpark range of around 0 to 500kpa they should do the trick.

See attaced a sketch of what I have in mind. If you have a slow day I'd love to know what something like this will cost... I'm sure others will be curious too....

Asher for now....

View attachment MANIFOLD.pdf
I have done exactly as you intend Asher.
same thing just a simple reg for air from a auto place.
what i have is feston fittings the same size as my gas lines so the reg just goes inline on a gas line.
feston fittings are push lock type jobs that most gas lines use they are on both sides of the reg.
Basically the lines just push into them and lock but barbed fittings would work. the feston fittings just make it very easy to unhook etc.

here's a pic of the reg and fittings

Barfridge ,
I am in the market for a reg.
And guys I have access the the fitting Jayse is talking about if needed
Here's another pic the feston fittings are the off white plastic ones there's a couple elbows here plus a tee piece.
Also some with S/S threads on the ends.


i think i must be a dumb arse, (but not much i can do about that)

can someone with access to mspaint please draw me a simple diagram on how i would go about gasing my 3 kegs? and point me in the direction of parts or splitters i would need?

Ummm. I can't draw it for you but it's pretty simple. Any gas place will have t's to split your lines. Your just after some brass t pieces. You will need 2 t's to gas three kegs.

From the reg you will have a gas line. Cut the line at the desired length and insert a t piece. Attach more gas line to the t piece and now you have two lines coming off. One goes to your gas disconnect for keg one. The other line goes to another t piece. Join on two more lengths of gas line to go to the disconnects to keg 2 and keg 3.

Keg1 Keg2

easy. Perhaps you could make it prettier but this will work.

If you can't work it out or find the bits just buy a gas manifold from Morebeer or RCB ( or

Shit that didn't work. Just pretend that those I's and keg1 and keg2 were out where the two T's are.
hmmm, those gas manifolds look the trick, where can i get on int the land of oz?

and for that matter, anyoneknow where i can get the T pieces? bunnings?
Doubt bunnings. Do you have a purple pig place nearby? Look in the yellow pages for hoses and fitting or enzed or somewhere. The yellow pages are you best friend so have a look through there. There may be some place just down the road that has the stuff. As for the manifold-can you remortgage your house-word is they are dear as sh$t. Best to get one from the states.

I have found that you leave the gas connected and on at around 340 while you rock the keg. you will even hear the gas going into the beer !!

15 mins should do it
so i can get one of these at an auto place? like autobahn or supercheap?

anyone got a model number or anything? i need one that can handle 3 kegs at different preasures

Where can I get those feston fittings from. I'm in Brissie.


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