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big d

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gday all
ive been searching the internet of late for various recipes and quite often come across ... dry hop the keg ...
ive only ever dry hopped in the secondary as you can rack and then keg and leave the majority of crud behind.
what i want to no is if you dry hop the keg wouldnt the outlet tube become blocked from hop residue?
ive heard of hopping with plugs but im wondering if the same thing happens.
do you get hop residue when you pour?

any thoughts on this fellas?
yep, i have had them block up everything when i chucked them straight in, i couldn't get a drop out.
i have brought a hop bag.which is just a mesh bag you chuck them can tie it to the dip tube or weight them down with some clean marbles or can get two sizes the small one i got was $6.
Why dry hop in the keg ?
I can't see any advantage in that , why not just in your first rack ?
hi batz
ive only ever dry hopped in the secondary and have had no probs.i can only guess it may be if you go straight from primary into the keg.
maybe some one out there can enlighten us.
Ok big d I suppose that could be it , rather dry hop in secondary myself
same here batz i love doing it this way the outcome is more than i expected originally B)