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Just letting everyone know this saturday is another full mash brewday at goliaths.
This weekend its JSB standing up to the plate to show everyone how its done.
Bring your beers and come try same samples, also bring your wallet as dave has same of the best products on the market.
Ussualy we get at least 30 people all out the back of the store hanging around and close to 50 odd people coming through during the day.
These days have been great.
Hope to see all the adelaide guys then.

Cheers Jayse
Cheers Jayse for that !!

Yep - come and sample Jayse's entire collection of Craftbrews (hehehe)

But look forward to catching up with ya all- and bring ya wallet to purchase some of the gear on demo this Saturday at the "G" Spot.

For all ya would be "AGers" plenty of grain to purchased in bulk at great prices to get ya started.

Catch ya then.
It's a great day all round folks!

Thanks for the posts and comments Jayse & JSB.

Kit brewers also get a lot from the day. It helps your brewing to know how that sticky stuff gets into a can!

Free Bar-B-Que will be on again.

If enthusiasm counts for anything, this brew by JSB will be sensational.

The MONSTER MASH from the last gathering will be available to drink and, after a period of Cold Conditioning, it is coming up a treat, if a little cloudy. So if you ever wanted to try a lightly hopped, smoked beer, this is the day.

All welcome, if we get time we may even do a small partial/Kit brew as well for those that are interested.


I have to apologise once again but i will not be able to attend this day due to work commitments.....

it is seeming harder and harder for me to attend these great days as i think my boss has this uncanny vibe in his head saying arrrgh ozdevil has plans for this weekend i better include him in the overtime roster...

Anyway guys i do hope you all have a great day down at the g-spot as i wont be finished work until 3pm at the earlist so there will be no chance of me coming down for a beer..

JSb good luck with your brew i am sure it will go great for you..

have a great weekend fellas...... hoping to be at the next brew day but i do not like my chances

cheers and beers

Have fun brewsters.

The family has voted and the distaff majority has won :eek: , I'm off to The Show. :ph34r:

But I get a coopers showbag (to be opened on fathers day) and permision to watch the beer brewing demonstration in the grain pavilion (watch this space for valuable lessons learned :p )

Father's Day itself I have my daughter's guaranteed assistance in a brew day (at last the all grain pilsner :rolleyes: ). When you are power tool challenged, a nine year old's love of hand cracking grain has certain attractions ;) .

Awrabest mates, give JSB hell - he can take it!! and make Dave's till ring like it's Xmas (what a shame it won't be my money in there :D )
oz and stu you guys bring a tear to my eye.so close but so far.nevermind guys i know you wish you were there.kinda like me .so far but so near.in mind and heart anyway.

hope all you attendees have a fat time.

cheers in beers
big d
I'm afraid I'll be joining weestu in the showbag pavillion.
I'm hoping to drop in for 5 on the way through tho
Boots said:
I'm afraid I'll be joining weestu in the showbag pavillion.
3.30pm Saturday in the Grain pavilion, "Brewing Beer" - anyone passing by, I'll be the small rotund bearded one, probably in a Coopers cap by then and carrying two Coopers showbags!!!
What's in a coopers "Show bag" normally ????
Sounds like it will be a top day.
Have you worked out what beer will be brewed on the day yet?
Linz said:
What's in a coopers "Show bag" normally ????
A Pale Ale t shirt, cap, stubby holder, coasters, rally poster and 20% disount voucher for Coopers General Store purchase.
$25 - so no real bargain, but my daughter thinks I need one :)

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