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ive got a muntons stout in and it was bubling away great at 24degreese but when the temp went to 20-----the bloody recomended temp----- fermentaion has stopped for a few days...............wata going on why cant i get lower temp fermentaion to bloody work ......arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh

any ideas? <_<
Any SG readings? start, now?

20C is not the lower end of ale ferment temp! Maybe the yeast got a check if temp drop was quick, stir up the yeast back up into the beer and see if SG drops a bit more

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there could be several reasons why the fermentation has 'stopped'.

firstly, the yeast may be suffering from thermal shock and have slowed down and are adjusting to their new temp, but thay shouldnt take that long to adjust.

the fermentation may have appeared to have stopped, but it has simply slowed down as a result of the reduced temp and you could have a faulty seal in your fermenter and the airlock is not bubbling as much.

there could be other reasons, but thats all i can thik of at the mo'.
check the SG. maybe its already finished?

also check the seal. i know on my ferementer it needs to be very tight. i often need to tighten the lid on my ferementer a couple of days later (i assume because the o-ring dries out and the seal is no longer as good)

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