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Just racked an ESB to 2ndary, and this was on top of the brew. The yeast was slurry from a batch that i pitched to a starter, and brewed a bitter with ( three batches in a row with basically the same slurry ). I then threw the ESB on top of this. Beer smells and tastes great/normal, just wonderin if anyone has had this. It is essex ale yeast, which is a top cropper if that helps.


This looks very like K-97 to me - if so it's normal.

PS maybe Essex ale yeast is very similar to K-97!
Looks like my fermenter after using wyeast 1318. That yeast is a real top cropper and leaves a thick krausen which just stays and falls to the bottom as you rack off the beer. What yeast is it?
That looks like a great yeast cake :) , I have brewed with a few different yeasts that have left a huge yeast cake on top after fermentation finished. Nothing unusual about that, so long as it tastes good. Make sure you Cc for a couple of weeks to drop it all out of suspension.

Good to hear its not abnormal guys!!. When i racked, i made sure not to take any of the top yeast cake into the 2ndary, and, judging by how clear the previous batch is ( im actually worried about carbo with the previous batch, as there is hardly any sediment on the bottom of the bottles ), it will clear out just fine. Cant wait to taste both of them, i really like this yeast!!
looks normal to me

here are some pics i took when i first used top cropping yeasts and panicked at the sight of it :p

the first one is WLP001

the second one is WLP004 irish in the famous exploding stout debarcle


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