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I just started my boil of my Pliney the Elder Clone. 400g of hops for a 22L batch :super:
But in my planning, I anticipated a large loss to trub with all the hops, so I brewed extra wort to account for it. But my question is -

Where should I remove the trub?
Do I siphon all of the wort into my fermenter - trub, hot break and all and rack after the fermentation off the yeast and hop matter?
Or would it be better to Whirlpool as much as possible, avoid as much hop matter as possible and have a smaller yeast sludge after fermentation?

Or maybe it doesn't matter that much.....
Option B remove as much as practical.
You will have smaller overall sludge, but probably the same amount of yeast sludge since this really is impacted by the make up of the wort rather than the trub.

I wouldn't worry about the hop matter (if you're doing Vinnie's recipe you're going to have MORE than enough hop material in the fermenter anyway) but you should definitely keep the hot break out of there. Whirlpool for the win.