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I have just made 2 Stouts, one the ESB EXTRA SPECIAL & a Beermakers 1.5kg with 1.5kg of Dark Extract + roast barley & Goldings. Both are good but i want a bigger beer. More alcohol more balls, you know.
So does anyone have a great Big Double Guinness style EXTRACT recipe?
Here's a recipe based on Charlie Papazian's 'Armenian Imperial Stout'.

21 L

2 x Coopers 1.7kg Classic Old Dark kits
1.7kg pale liquid malt extract (or 1.5kg LME and 250g DME)
250g black patent malt
250g roasted barley
15g gypsum
700-900 MBU high-alpha bittering hops (see below)
32g Cascade (aroma)
American ale-type yeast
200g corn sugar/maltodextrin (bottling)

Add the crushed roasted barley and black malt to 6L water and let steep at 65-71oC for 30 minutes, then remove the grains with a strainer. Add the malt extracts, gypsum and boiling hops and boil for 60 minutes. Add the finishing hops during the final 1 minute of the boil. Strain and transfer immediately to 7.5L cold water in the fermenter. Top off with additional water to make 21L. Add the yeast when cool and ferment to completion. Bottle when fermentation is complete.

MBU = Metric Bitterness Units. If you want a less hoppy beer, choose the lower end of the range. If you want a really bitter beer, choose a number near the top end. Divide by the alpha acid of your bittering hops to get the required number of grams. For example:

Middle of the range bitterness = 800. I have Chinook at 13% alpha. I need (800 / 13) = 61g (call it 60g) of hops. Yes, it's a lot of hops, but this beer starts at about OG 1.076 and finishes at over 7% abv. You did ask for something with more balls :D

Charlie insists it's 'velvet in the glass' after just 4 to 6 weeks in the bottle, though obviously it'll get better the longer you keep it. Brew now for winter!
If you want a kits and bits extract Humungous stout here is one:

i made up a base that finished at 6 ltrs - then halved.

Base is a RIS.
Mgns Dockside stout
Amber lme 2kg
Steep the following grains over night in 4ltrs cold water.
150 xtal, 150, light xtal, 80 Roasted Barley, 150 carafa 111, 250 gms choc.
Add liquid to the saucepan with lme, plus 250gms of dark brown sugar and 150 lactose, 2 teaspoons of gypsum and 1 of chalk.
Add boiling water to 7ltrs.
Boil for 30mins with 25gms Goldings and 15 gms POR for last 15 mins.

Add to the fermnter with the morgans and top upto 10 litres.
pour of half back into the saucepan for the Kennys Extra Russian Imperial Stout. In fermenter top up with cold water until og is 1090 - ferment with 1028 Irish Ale yeast.
Primary for 2 weeks and secondary for 2 weeks and cold condition for 4 weeks. Dry hop with 25 gms of Cascade.


Mash 150 light rye, 150 flaked barley, 500 bairds english seperate to the above for 90 mins.
in the pot add 100 gms of Dark Compound cooking Choc, 250 gms of belgian candi sugar, 2 teaspoons of cinamon, 1 nutmeg, 50 gms of aok chips and 15 gms of northern brew. add boiling water to the 10 ltr mark.
Boil for 1 hour and add 15 gms of EKG at 30 min mark.

Pour into fermenter and add cold water until og is 1115
Fermenter with 1028 Irish Ale yeast.
Primary 3 weeks.
Rack to secondary and dry hop with 35 gms of ekg for 4 weeks.
Cold Condition for 8 weeks.
Not Oak is still in there.
Bottle when the fg is approx 1022 - and the you cant tell that the spices are nutmeg and cinamon but they add a real extra depth.


Will need to bottle condition for at least 6 months to a year.

If you make this - please send me a bottle.
Two words - Awesome and different. Very Old and earthy.
Goliaths sell something called BIG BLACK....

Sounds big to me, and i think its a 2Kg Masterbrew or soemthing, requires a 30min boil IIRC

Maybe ask him, i think its $19.95 though


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