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Due to fonts costing so much to purchase im thinking i want to make my own, somebody else on this site has made one from an old scuba tank and i like the concept. Its only for two taps and they will be about 1m away from the fridge, when i decide on what ill use on my font ill have cold water from the fridge circulating around to keep the taps cold.

Has anybody made their own font?

And does anybody have any ideas on what to use as a font?

Thanks in advance, Scotty.

(Now im off to go do my HSC english exam, wish me luck!!)
Good luck with the exam Scotty.
A number of the guys in the US have made fonts out of PVC pipe. Basically a t-piece a couple of straight sections and end caps.
I'll see if I can dig some photos/links up tonight.

There is a PVC font on ebay at the moment. Easy stuff to work with. You could always run another tube up the inside of it for the lines and then fill the outer area with that space filling foam as extra insulation. I think you could get it to work very well and cheaply.

Use your imagination, you could use nearly anything.

Good luck.

Cheers, JD
The SCUBA font is mine - not quite finished, but there is a thread here on its construction to date:

I plan to finish it soon - but have just moved, and other things have taken priority. Its been pretty easy so far - my main requirements were:

a) Easily cooled
B) Easily insulated
c) Easily made
d) Easily mounted

For cooling I will have it mounted on top of the 240L freezer I have, so it will be air cooled.

For isulation, I plan to put 100mm PVC pipe inside, and then outside the pipe between the pipe and internal of the SCUBA tank, fill it with that expanding foam.

Easily made - well, depends on your point of view - but it was just sanding and drilling and filing. Pretty easy, if time consuming.

Easily mounted... well, we'll see!

I'm happy with the results so far - but can't wait to get it in my bar. Well, build my bar. Then mount the freezer. Then mount the font!

I also plan to circulate air from the freezer through it using a computer fan... we'll see if thats needed.

What about some nice copper pipe with brass fittings?

You can get tees and end caps (in fact you can probably get the lot in Bunnings) and it will be more rigid than PVC.

Polish it up real nice and laquer it.
I toyed with the idea of using a chrome car exhaust extension from supercheap or repco (~$30) and just drilling a hole and adding a tap. I got my tax return though and ended up buying a reconditioned single font with new tap from Gerard.
what about a fire extinguisher???

and I'd be able to give you a few choices????? no alloy though..yet..
Im thinking of using some car part and adding 2 taps, but im not sure which part. any ideas? Muffler maybe
How cool would an old brass diving helmet look? :rolleyes: :beer:

Warren -

could you make one out of some exhaust pipe (new) and then once welded etc, clean it up and send to to get chromed... should look a treat

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