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Equipment For Sale Grainfather G30 + Kegerator Series X Quad Font with Taps

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Hi all,
Unfortunately Looking to sell my homebrew setup as a package, I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes so won't be drinking or making beer anymore.

All equipment is In perfect working order. The G30 Comes with the counter flow chiller and all the parts necessary to get you brewing.
A quad font Series X Kegerator and taps, with 4 kegs and all the hardware to get the beer flowing.

G30 Extras:
- neoprene insulation jacket to make your brew days even more efficient.
- hop spider
- G30 accessory kit (SS paddle, Overflow Filter, Micro Pipework, Wortometer, grainfather high-performance cleaner)

Series X Kegland Kegerator -
- MK 3 regulator
- all gas and beer hoses and connectors
- Quad font with 4 SS NUKATAP FC Taps
- 2.4 kg gas bottle (1/2 full)

4 x 19l corny kegs

have a standard fermentor and fermentarsuarus (but the spigot valve broke so needs a replacement.) will chuck them in if you want them

portable beer chiller, dispenser esky + extra tap that can be hooked directly onto the keg. I found them great for taking a keg camping, just dump an ice bag in the esky and drink cold tap beer around a campfire.

I am the first owner and the machine has only been used for about a dozen brews.

All together 1700$

looking to sell it as a set, but may sell off individually if it doesn't sell.

Pickup From Melba, ACT


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