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Got my new font sorted. Made a few changes, as I had already purchased 4 flow control taps from kk as well as shanks, thinking I might start from scratch, I decided to fit them. Also fitted 8mm hose as the hose fitted was really thick, at least 10mm on the outside and it wanted to cling to each other. Air cooled font, I will fit a 30mm fan if necessary but I doubt it will be. I also changed the insulation from cheap 6mm to 10mm closed cell foam. I mocked it up on a piece of scrap ally cut to cover the hole in top of the fridge where a couple of old style taps were fitted. Will be bolted to a piece of stainless before use. I just wanted a feel for how close it should be to the front of the fridge and have come to the conclusion that it should be a minimum of another 100mm further in. Anyone have thoughts on this ? Will get a custom drip tray made when final position is sorted.


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Well finally got a response, PP forced a refund, waste of my time as well as Krome Dispense time. Just glad paid with PP or would be out of pocket.

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