How Long For Hops To Mellow?

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I was just wondering how long it usually takes for hops to mellow in flavour and change from the grassy smell/taste that the pellets are and into the flavour for the beer.

I ask because I used 15gms of SAAZ hops in a batch that has been in the bottle for 4 weeks now and although the flavour has mellowed a little in the last 2 weeks I can still taste that grassy flavour and it over powers the beer..

SO I ask when but I also mean IF the flavour will mellow and change when will it happen and how long should I wait before drinking to avoid this taste.

I had a similar problem with an A.G lager I made using 100% saaz hop plugs, Very grassy but after about 2 mths in the keg it was great. grassiness will disappear in time, just be patient.

This pils on mine has been in the bottle for about 6 weeks now. It was a bit grassy, but is defintely getting better now :)

A bit of time cures most HB ails.
Thanx bar fridge, sounds like 2 months until it is gone..

Back to the waiting game
unfortunately due to the laws of drinking by the time you reckon it is spot on you will not have many happens to me so often. :(
patience is a virtue which im lacking in. ;)

big d

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