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After doing a couple of all grain brews, im getting comfortable with the process.
My question is when do i add hops for maximum flovour?
(i think i'm becoming a hop head)

should i add when theres 1-5 mins left in the boil?
or do i get more flavour from dry hopping (primary or secondary) ?

how much should i add.

Hops added to the boil early gives you bitterness , the hops added later give you flavour , aroma
Section in Palmers book online about this
thanks batz.

i already knew that, but just to clarify
most of jayse's ales have a large hop additions at the end of the boil
others tend to dry hop with half that amount.

budget wise, i was just asking what gave the most flavour?

I do both.

I do additions at 5 min and 1 min before end of boil. But I couldnt bear to leave them behind after so little use, so the late addition hops are in a tied up pantyhose leg. Then I transfer those late hops into the primary fermenter to try to get more flavour out of them. Depending on when and if I rack I might add more hops ins secondary for aroma. I have stopped putting hops in at the cold conditioning stage as I found the flavours too grassy (although after 6 months in the bottle this seems to disappear).
Dry Hops and Budgets.

I usually FWH - First Wort Hop where i add hops to the boiler initially before the rolling boil has commenced. I just halve the initial bittering hops - eg if the recipee calls for 50 gms - i add 25 gms initial FWH and then the other 25gms when it is doing the rolling boil - adds real complexity and depth.

OK....This is what I do for Dry Hoping.

I Dont add late hops within the last 5 mins of the boil. IMHO this is a waste of money.
I Dry Hop in the secondary or tertiary with the following method:
- place hops in SS Mug.
- Add boiling water
- Let sit for 2 - 3 mins and stir.
- add to fermenter.
by using boiling water and letting it sit/steep for 2 mins - this will get rid of the initial grassy aromas.
You will notice the green grass aroma replaced by the hop aroma.
I usually dry hop for 2- 4 weeks.

Hope this helps everyone.
How much do you use GMK ?

I did a Pilsner recently which basically followed your method of Dry Hopping using 35g of Saaz in the secondary but there is almost no aroma at all in the final product....
thanks GMK,

thats the info i was after,

how many grams do you add for dry hopping to impart the hop flavour thru?

I dry hopped (EKG) my last batch in the secondary (1wk) and then in the CC (2wks) with 1 plug in each. Also steeped as per GMK also steeped in boiling water. Only thing I found was that I kegged straight from the CC and it tasted like lawn cuttings :angry: very unhappy, immediatley brewed another 40L to replenish stocks.

However 1 week later this brew is very tasty, EKG don't seem to have anywhere near the power of cascades but nice all the same. I have only dry hopped twice and this is my experience to date.

As as flavour goes when adding to the boil, I count on 15 & 10 min additions for this. Still learning about hops! I play with 5min & 1min addtions ... in reality they spend 30mins in there while it cools etc before it gets to the fermenter (could be inefficient but what the hey)
crackers said:
thanks GMK,

thats the info i was after,

how many grams do you add for dry hopping to impart the hop flavour thru?

I only dry hop with pellets - not plugs.

depending upon the beer style, i dry hop with usually 25 gms for Pilsners, lagers, amber ales.
The heavier beers 35 gms and sometimes 50 gms for the big heavy stouts, IPA and APA.

I have found taht i need more hops and have to leave it CC longer to the same amount of flavour and aroma. Could be the latest batch of hops - might also be a bit older the hops, also noted that lately th epellets float more and dont settle as well as they used to. Hence, my pre keg filter contraprtion. :D

Hence, why i CC for closer to 3-4 weeks now.
I also taste every week and sometimes add more.
The longer the hops are in contact with the wort = the more hop flavourand aroma.
The hop flavour aroma decreases as the beer ages/conditions - while the malt flavour/profile increases. Due to the hop volatiles decaying.

The aim is to drink the beer when the 2 are in balance. This also accounts for you can over dry hop because the hop flavour will diminish - this is here for the people who think ou can have too much hop flavour.
cheers once again GMK,

will try this method this weekend.

too much hop flavour...... :eek:
not for this black duck.
my aim is to build up to about 100 ibus to see what these yank micro heavily hopped beers are like.
only then do i reckon i may say whoa to much hops :blink:

cheers in hopping
big d

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