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Donnybrook VIC
Hi everyone, I'm a newish home brewer from Melbourne North. I've occasionally lurked the forums when hunting down ideas, recipes and general how-to knowledge.

I've been making kit and juice cider for a few years now, had my fair share of successes and failures, and made the leap into beer when the pandemic hit.

I wasn't really a big beer drinker, in fact I really didn't enjoy the bitterness, but as I got stuck in and learnt about the different ingredients and components that make up a beer, I became hooked.

I moved on to all grain brews this year and in the new house I've completely taken over the garage. I have at least 15kg of 4 base malts on hand (pilsner, compass, schooner, maris) and a few mixes of munich.

I'm making an average of a new beer each fortnight, working with existing recipe, brew shop grain kits and my own.

Recently I've brewed 3 of my own recipes and have a fourth on the go - a kveik voss spiced orange christmas beer.

I've been enjoying the hobby a great deal, so much that I've run out of kegs (4) and fridge space (2), so brewing might just have to go on hold for a little while.

Happy to share recipes I've created - a tropical/rum inspired Black IPA, an Aussie Pale Ale that's closer to a Tropical Ale, and a Coopers clone
Hey welcome to the forum mate, and welcome to the land of Home Brewing where we all save money by doing it ourselves. I never brew clones as such as if they don't turn out which is mostly I think, you get disappointed where if you do your own recipes you can continually hope to improve the quality.
Above all have fun and enjoy the fruits of your hobby. Cheers

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