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Eat, drink...and drink some more.
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the wait is nearly over!!!

saturday (22nd), my wife and i are headed off to sunny california. its been over two years since ive been back to visit family and i am really looking forward to it. well, that and the opportunity to sample quite a few brews that have as yet eluded my grasp.

we will be gone for about three weeks with one week in the middle spent on a cruise up to alaska (not that im rubbing it in, just sharing). outside of that, i will do my best to try and report back about some of the more famous american micros and maybe even meet "randall".


take care fella's


Have an awesome time and remember it is impossible to get drunk on holidays :p

Try all the beers and what you can't get through bring back. Order some gear from Morebeer.com and get it shipped to your family or hotel.

Have fun,
good on ya Joe
I would be hopeless if I went to the US, too many toys and shiny things to buy.
Any chance of pics when you get back?
Congrats on the trip....
Take an extra suitcase for beer things....

hope you bring some nice beers back...
alternatively, log on and send some over...

i am willing to buy a few - especially arrogant ******* ale and or double arrogant ******* ale...
Hope the cruise ship stops at Seattle

if so, head to the Elysium brewpub. Great beer and fishingpole lesbians (I am told)

otherwise, drink lots and lots of the great beers there that we can't get here

Jovial Monk
well, just got back from my vacation. lots of good times and great beers. the highlights being going to the Real Ale fest in carlsbad and meeting Greg Koch from Stone. Yes, guys, I asked greg about getting some stone down here.

well me folks r back on sunday with the bc ,,,a serria nevada pale ale for me and the serria nevada porter for will report back on those beers

cant wait

Did you get any of their beers to bring back...

Stone Beers.
here are a few others...some empty to use for hb.

and the last.

highlight that i have tried was the stone old guardian. that is one impressive beer. and the ballast point ipa is great as well. cant wait to try ruination though. its going to need a rest after the rough trip back in my carry on.

That is an awesome collection of beers joecast.
Looking forward to your comments/review of the Arrogant ******* Ale. I bit the bullet and brewed it last week. Will rack it this weekend and have a taste.


Impresive beer list and pics....
Almost makes me want to buy a ticket to Tassie and come over and taste...i mean share the Beerperience with you.....

joecast said:
the highlights being going to the Real Ale fest in carlsbad and meeting Greg Koch from Stone.
So what was Greg like Joe ?
I've heard he is a real AB hence the name of the beer.

seemed like a pretty nice guy. maybe a bit of a party animal?? he did listen to me bitch about not being able to get stone down here so he must have lots of patience (as im sure he has heard this from countless people).
and no doubt he is a pretty good business man as with the following stone has in the US, there must be lots of people watching every move the company makes. so it was good to see him at a festival enjoying himself and not getting too removed from people who have just as keen an interest in beer as he does.

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