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so i have entered the data in numerous places getting different values each time, one says 7.25%, another 1255% (my personal fav) and others say 12-15%
i made a ginger beer
OG = 1.037
FG = 0.097

many calculators return saying NA, so if i bump up OG to 1.047 and FG to 1.000 it works out to be about 7% can we do that and get an accurate reading?

what formulas do we use?
Ah the good old double negative strikes again; you need the total change in gravity in this case: -
From 1.037 to 1.000 is 37 points
And from 1.00 to 0.997 is 3 points (1-.997) Im pretty sure you mean 0.997 the band above 1.000 is .990
So in total 40 Points divide that by 7.5 (roughly) and we get 5.333333% ABV
face palm
i was putting 0.097 in the calculators hence the 1288%
thanks man
I know it's a bit off topic, but I found a calc I like here:

It's pretty simple to use and includes temperature corrections. Oh yeah, and it also supports calculations below 1.000. I actually found one that doesn't, how silly.

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