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Hi everyone, am relatively new to brewing, have just started a cooper's lager from the kit I purchased over the weekend, early days yet but am keen to see how it performs.

Hi Clarky, welcome to the slippery slope of home brewing. It starts with the basic kit and the sky then becomes the limit. However in saying that I brew from kits and have found what I like and I stick to it. I have simple tastes and enjoy a good lawnmower beer. With good temperature control, preferred yeast strain and appropriate yeast pitch rate with good handling practices it's a breeze. With a little tweaking the quality of beer from a kit can be very good. You will find this forum a very useful tool and someone will have the answer you are looking for when the question arises. Good luck.
Welcome to the forum, Clarky. Is that your first kit?
Can you update us on how it goes? Good luck.
Gday everyone, thanks for the welcome, i have had 2 attempts at coopers kits, first a lager and it goes alright for the first attempt, just bottled a pale ale form coopers today

The glasses are the lager and the test tube is the pale ale before bottling.

Next on the list is a ginger beer



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Well done Clarky, I use kits and am finding that with minor changes they are all I want. the two beers you have made are what I started with and I have found that I am a lager man. I'm not into the pale ale but I do like the odd Hop hog. I have really enjoyed finding that a good yeast and controlled temperature fermentation was the big light bulb discovery which has brought the beer to a level which has surpassed the commercial beers. However in saying that I do like some of the commercial lawn mower lagers. On this forum I was given sage advice and that was that if I like what I'm brewing, stick to it. We all have different tastes and what someone else likes doesn't mean it is better.
Gday everyone, just cracked open the Pale Ale and seems to be very flat, taste is ok just tastes like flat beer. added 2 carbonation drops at bottling for a coopers 740 ml bottle. Going to crack open another later this week and try another bottle
Its been in bottles for 2 weeks under the house cool and dark.
2 weeks is plenty, unless cool is too cool. What is the temp? Did you use a kit yeast? Another possibility is that you got a bad seal on that bottle. That happens, but rarely. Try another and check the caps to see the capper is making the teeth snug around the bottle..
I have only been home brewing for 12 months, but have been advised by some long time brewers, you need a minimum of 6 weeks for home brew in bottles, before they are ready...?
6 weeks minimum? Nah.
I start drinking mine about 2 weeks post bottling. They're fine by then, although some styles will still get a bit better over time, others don't.
My Pale Ales, Bitters, and Porters are very much OK after 2 weeks but do keep improving a little over a few more weeks.
Others like Belgian Wits and Hefeweizens etc are best consumed early, well within the 6 weeks.
That's great to know... I may start sampling some earlier.
Thanks for your reply.

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