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Hey guys, im considering doing a Schoffenhoffer Hefeweizen clone, I believe i know which wyeast to get for it, but does anyone have a recipe for it?

Preferrbly a non AG recipe, as I dont have the kit for it. <_<
1K light dried extract
1.6K wheat malt dried extract

Hallertau to 18IBU, no late additions
bottle after 1 week, priming with 180g of wheat extract boiled in 2 cups of the beer

Jovial Monk
I made this early last year and it was a perfectly fine hefeweissen
What yeast JM?
Umm, it were a while ago

likely a WYeast wheat beer yeast, probably 3056 Bav Wheat

Hey Pr1me & KenEasy,

I have some Wyeast 3066 Weihenstephan yeast if you want some.

Perfect for your hefewiezen

PM me if you do

Cheers JM! & Thanks crispy, i might just take you up on that, as thats the yeast i was planning on getting.
Thanks Crispy, will let you know
KenEasy as your in melb i also have the 3066 yeast (been in storage a while now) but if you want to try it i am happy to let you
Thanks Ben - will PM you

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