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I read the article in the train but forgot to keep a copy of the paper.

Some bloke in Melbourne is selling slabs of his homebrew for $8 and also hosting taste testing parties. Anyone know anything about this guy?
I think you will find who ever this guy is , his would now be in deep shit :unsure:
idealy priced for young high school kids, and to think i was drinking goonbags when i was in high school
I don't think that's entirely legal ;) .

But you do see beer for sale all the time on ebay. Usually just one or two bottles from a discontinued line making it collectable, but these guys don't seem to need a licence. Any lawers out there no the legal stance for selling booze over ebay?
Sorry lads but you are misinformed. Attached is the article in question.

Any Melbourne based people should get on board and help a bloke who is having a crack and supporting the home brew industry.

I have to divulge that Luke is the cousin of a good mate of mine.


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Having read the article it looks like he is just selling kits on a party plan so people can make their own homebrew for the $8 a carton. At that price it looks like the Woolies Home brand kit and a kilo of dextrose.

Although SABSOSA results show Woolies is a winner in the Aussie Premium Lager category.

News travels fast these days!
I'm the bloke selling the homebrew kits in the MX paper. Was told of this chat so thought that I better join to defend myself - and The Brew Crew.
I'm not selling pissy "woolies kits". I'm selling 60lt fully kitted fermentors for $60. For those in the know, they are the ones produced by Atlas Plastics in Sydney.(Kit with stuff for first 50 longies = $85).
Also supplying current brewers with all their needs with a home-delivery service(melbourne metro area).
No, I am not selling beer.
Get on board!
Good on ya Duke. Sorry about the Woolies jibe - the SABSOSA result was at the top of my mind when I mentioned it.

Best of luck with the business.

BTW what cans are you selling.

Thanks Roach.
Are you named after the great Michael Roach....the man whose number I proudly wore on my duffle caot?
Sell all types, most popular being Cooper's & Black Rock. Also sell grain & hops but as most of our member's are new to brewing, most of our deliveries are tins & bags of various quantities of dextrose / maltodex / malt.
see ya mate,
So pretty much the same as the guys at Northern Districts Brewing in Sydney do.
Go The Duke!
Roach is from an embarrasing experience in pouring one of my early all grain APA's from a bottle for tasting by an experienced group of all grainers. You cam probably guess what happen. Suffice to say 'roach hop' wasn't on the promash recipe.

Welcome to the madness Duke.

You should throw a price list up in the "retail shop" room. You might score a few new customers :)
No, I am not selling beer.
Get on board!

The photo seems to show you in front of a wall of your own stock and also mentions the price per slab of beer. Kits are only mentioned once in the last paragraph.

Have you had many called from people trying to order cheap beer?