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Ok, so I've just got myself a little guten to make brewing a tad easier.

First batches will be my usual American pale type mixtures to help dial in the gear.

But then I want to try something a bit more challenging, so I thought I'd go with the name and make Guten Morgen which is good morning/morrow in German.

I don't know about you but my morning involves compulsory coffee and maybe oats or bacon.

I remember a Funky Buddah maple bacon porter from some time ago so thought WTF.

Only just thinking about it and would like feedback before I get to the brewing stage. Looking at ending up with an 18-19l keggable batch

So I was thinking as a starting point:

40% Golden Promise
30% Joe White trad ale - one of my 2 always have base malts
15% Chocolate malt
5% Caramunich III
4% Melanoidin
4% Quick Oats
2% Maple Syrup (after mash)
Fuggles or Goldings hops (quantity yet to be calculated) Have both sitting here
1469 yeast
A few Espresso shots near end of ferment (I was thinking 250-300ml)
Dried/crisped bacon at/near end of ferment (anyone with a clue about volume - yell out)

All advice taken on board

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