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  1. T

    Re enter the brew

    Hey guys, I’m looking to get back into brewer after a 10 break. Before that I probably only put down about 5 batches so still a lot to learn. This site was a tremendous help to me back then, and I hope to be active in the forums this time around. I have a 50 kettle and plate chiller...
  2. altone

    Guten Morgen maple bacon coffee porter - help please

    Ok, so I've just got myself a little guten to make brewing a tad easier. First batches will be my usual American pale type mixtures to help dial in the gear. But then I want to try something a bit more challenging, so I thought I'd go with the name and make Guten Morgen which is good...
  3. V

    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    so WEAL teased a R3 v Guten thread - here it is I’ve been using Robobrew V2 for eighteen months. Very happy overall. Two recent issues have caused me to start the dreaded process of should I or shouldn’t I. The rocker switch is loose, but still functional. The + temp button died a couple of...
  4. A

    Ship 50 L Hopcat/Guten/Ace System to the US?

    Been trying to figure out how to purchase and ship a 50 L Hopcat/Guten/Ace microbrewery system to the US. Besides finding minimum order options on Alibaba, I haven’t had any luck figuring out a solution. Any thoughts? It’s the perfect size for the apartment and the batches I want to try. I...