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  1. B

    Cherry Porter

    Hi ,I am ready to bottle my cherry porter and i just added 250gm of maltodextrin to give it some body and a little more sweetness My question is will i still need to add dextrose tablets when i bottle it ?
  2. Nosh Narrabri

    Australian Regional Homebrew Competition

    Hi Guys, Nosh Narrabri is back again this year and we encourage everyone to enter the Australian Regional Homebrew Championships. See below for details. Any questions please ask. https://www.noshnarrabri.com.au/homebrewchampionships Australian regional homebrew Championships With prizes on...
  3. altone

    Guten Morgen maple bacon coffee porter - help please

    Ok, so I've just got myself a little guten to make brewing a tad easier. First batches will be my usual American pale type mixtures to help dial in the gear. But then I want to try something a bit more challenging, so I thought I'd go with the name and make Guten Morgen which is good...
  4. old_el_tombre

    Fruit Additions to Fermenter

    Hi all, Planning on making a blackberry/raspberry porter (haven't decided which yet), by adding 1.5kg of pureed berries to the 23L batch in the fementer. Does anyone have any experience, or tips for adding berries during fermentation? How much fementable sugar can I expect from the berries? Cheers
  5. C

    Wrights liquid smoke

    Hi all, This weekend I'm brewing a smoked porter - but unfortunately my LHBS doesn't have smoked malt. I have some wrights liquid smoke hickory - can I use this? Has anyone else used liquid smoke, in particular wrights, which has no additives? Cheers Hunt