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Nosh Narrabri

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Hi Guys,

Nosh Narrabri is back again this year and we encourage everyone to enter the Australian Regional Homebrew Championships. See below for details. Any questions please ask.

Australian regional homebrew Championships
With prizes on offer for the winner, it’s time to start perfecting your homebrew in preparation for this year’s Nosh Narrabri.

If you’re interested in submitting a brew (or a few!) to this year’s competition, simply fill in the form below and you will be emailed a competition number in order to submit your beer completely anonymously - a critical element of our competition!

Beers are to be delivered to the Narrabri Region Visitor Information Centre during business hours (9am to 5pm) between Monday 15 July and Friday 23 August, 2019.

The winner will be announced during Nosh Narrabri’s food and wine festival on Saturday 31 August.

Please see the terms & conditions below for further information, or contact competition organiser Michael via [email protected].

Good luck!

$1000 in goods and products from True Brew Tamworth

$1000 cash from Tattersalls Hotel Narrabri

$225 home brew kit plus two cartons of beer from Coopers

$140 in products from New England Brewing

Interested in entering your comp but what measures have you taken to ensure the winner would get (all) their prizes in a timely manner?

Last comp my mate won it and not only didn't he get all of the prizes offered but it took ages.

"The prize involves:

True Brew will provide $1025 worth of product: (Keg kit $480, Gas bottle $280, Fast ferment $140, 2x mangrove jacks pouches $75, 1x$50 voucher)

Barrett Burston Malting is providing $1000 cash.

New England Brewing Co. is providing $140 worth of their packaged beer***.

Nosh Narrabri will be providing $35 cash

I've changed the colours to show the green font indicating what he got, red font what didn't get provided. The *** indicate he was offered a six pack ($140 worth?) of NEBC but also didn't receive that.
To be fair he should have chased it up more but said something to the effect of "too much hassle to get anything, it's not worth harassing for the rest"
Hi The Mack,

Thanks for posting, we acknowledge there was some delay in prizes last year due to an issue with the sub-group manager being overseas when prizes were to be distributed. However, after Nosh followed up on the issue the winner acknowledged in writing that he had received all the prizes listed on the competition. Thankfully he was very understanding as this was our first competition and the committee of volunteers had needed to chase up the issue. This year, the Nosh Committee is overseeing the procedure more closely from the beginning to the ensure this doesn't happen again in the future.

In addition this year we will put on our website prizes for each class so entrants can see what is on offer.

Thank you for posting, it is great to have interested homebrewers ask questions. If you would like more detail on the prizes this year, feel free contact us at [email protected].

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