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  1. Nosh Narrabri

    Australian Regional Homebrew Competition

    Hi Guys, Nosh Narrabri is back again this year and we encourage everyone to enter the Australian Regional Homebrew Championships. See below for details. Any questions please ask. Australian regional homebrew Championships With prizes on...
  2. Mat

    What's Your Go-To Pale Ale Recipe?

    Hey Brewers, I'm looking to brew a pale ale for the christmas - new years break. Something that's sitting around the 5% mark, plenty of flavour but still easy to knock back a dozen in a sitting. At the moment im looking at the following recipe. It's aimed towards a 4 Pines Pale Ale but by no...
  3. liam harrop

    Coopers Pale Backlit Sign 600mm

    Hey guys found this old sign in the attic at the pub I work at. As much as I’d love to keep It for myself I know it could be somewhere where it’d be much more loved! Looking to see what you think it’d be worth as I can’t find them this size anywhere online. And if you’re interested in buying it...
  4. T

    Final Gravity is too high on a Kit Pale Ale

    Hey guys, There is a few different posts all over the internet with a similar story, but there is a bunch of varied answers o thought I'd put mine out there. I have a Pale Ale Kit (not Coopers) fermenting. It has been about 10 days now, and the OG was 1.043, and now it seems to have settled at...
  5. B

    Adding Fruit to Fermenter

    hi guys im adding fruit to a all grain recipe kit i brought from country trading store its a mango pale ale i made her as per instructions everything went well I've added fruit to fermenter once gravity had dropped to 1.018 it was 500g of mango diced along with a few hops its all in a cloth...