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  1. Nosh Narrabri

    Australian Regional Homebrew Competition

    Hi Guys, Nosh Narrabri is back again this year and we encourage everyone to enter the Australian Regional Homebrew Championships. See below for details. Any questions please ask. Australian regional homebrew Championships With prizes on...
  2. L

    Malt help

    So i have a heap of spare grains i want to use up. I have these malts left 3.5kg Castle Pale Ale Malt 0.4kg Caramunich II 1kg BB Medium Crystal 0.7kg Victory I would love to put them all together and see what it ends up being but i would think it would be something of a biscuity, bready...
  3. House of Malt

    House of Malt - New Craft Malthouse selling to Homebrewers

    Hi everyone, We are a brand new Craft Malthouse based in Ballarat, Victoria. We are mainly focused on Craft Brewers, but want to make our malts available direct to Home Brewers as well! We do (very) small batches (500kg) on our floor malting system. As we are starting out, our products will...
  4. C

    Pilsner: Joe White vs BestMalz/Weyermann

    Recently I had a misfortune of scorched beer (, and while I was polishing the heating element with soda bicarb tonight, I thought of something else. For two years on that system I didn't have a single scorched beer. The last...
  5. B

    50kg 2-Row Pilsen Malt - Free - Melbourne

    Giving away one 50kg sack of 2-Row Pilsen Malt for free. Only a few months left on it. Not sure how good the quality is. This was given to me a few months ago by a colleague who was doing some work for Barrett Burston, but I have no use for it as I am only extract brewing and do not have room...
  6. B

    50kg 2 Row Pilsen Malt for Trade

    I have just been given 50kg of Barret Burston Pilsen Malt. Produced April 2017, exp April 2018. I am not yet all grain brewing, still extract with specialty, and partial mash, so cannot use it (I was also given 25kg pale which I am keeping). Looking to trade the 50kg Pilsen for a malt mill...