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So in an effort to always keep expanding my knowledge of brewing I'm looking for a good first book. Something that can introduce me to practically every aspect of homebrewing; brewing, tasting, styles of beer, etc. Recipes are nice but I'd rather a book full of information. Any suggestions?
David Palmer, 'How to Brew' also available online at The 'Designing Great Beers' book is also good once you are really getting into the guts of recipe construction.

Hope that helps.

i second the above,
New lager brewing is a very indepth and can be over the top for some - regarding decoction mashing and lager brewing.

for my first book i got "How to brew"
then designing great beers, along with some specific style books like "pale ale" etc

best of luck
The New complete joy of homebrewing by Charlie Papazian is suposed to be an excellent reference. John Palmer how to brew.
I am awaiting an order from Amazon. I went with Designing Great beers and Clone Brews .


One book that covers all is hard to find. I would suggest that for the "how to" side of home brewing you check out John Palmer. For styles you would find it hard to beat Ray Daniels "Designing Great Beers".

Alternatives to these might include the supplement to the latest edition of BYO magazine. It gives a good explanation of brewing from "dump and stir" to all-grain. And for a description of styles why not have a look for Michael Jackson's "New World Guide to Beer". He also has a website with loads of information

I have a mate, an all grain brewer no less, who has vouched for "Homebrewing for Dummies" before. I don't have the book myself, but have looked at it. In the "dummies" style it looks easy to read and use, and though you don't want recipes, per se, it has heaps - all of which have extract and all grain examples. It spends a lot of time, like a lot of US books, discusing the finer points of extract brewing, but it does move up to all grain. Stores like Dymocks and Angus and Robertson often have it, so it might just be easier to find than the others, but prices vary anywhere betweeen $30 and $40. Have a look, maybe, and see what you think.

Otherwise make sure you have how to brew in your favourites for access to Palmer's book, or look to pay about $50 at a homebrew shop for the second edition. Palmer's is probably the recognised "primer".

If anyone has read or used the Charlie Papazian books, it would be good to hear what they thought of them.

Once you're into it Ray Daniels Designing Great Beers looks like a must buy, and is the next on my list.

FWIW. I bought Noonan's New Brewing Lager Beer today. Looks like my tram rides to work could be more challenging, and enjoyable, than work itself for the next little while ;)

Bit of a long ramble, but hope it helps.
Another one is Dave Millers "Homebrewing Guide". Noonans is good, but a bit terse in places, where Miller is a bit more relaxed.

Forget Dummies book Ive got it and its collecting dust went and got pamlers from cheaper and it seems to be the standard book everone refences too

Thanks, seems like the concencus is Palmer's book so I'll start there.
I read a decent one by Laurie Strachan. It was pretty basic, but gave a good history of beer and outlined the major styles. Had a few good recipes in the back of it too.

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