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Zen Arcade
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Hullo to all AHBers :beer:
Well I have been here in Sand Point, Alaska for 4 days! What an eye opener :blink:
Sand Point is a fishing village of about 400 people. We are doing a Hydrographic Survey for the U.S government (NOAA).
1 pub, 1 shop, 1 bottleshop, 1 burger shop, very remote!!
Tried a few beers in LA and Denver Airports on the way through, Karl Strauss and Gordon Biersch beers were excellent! Had them in LA, in Denver the beer was poor.
Have been drinking lots of Alskan Amber and Pale plus some Deschutes Pale Ale since being here.

I hope you are all brewing heaps and enjoying life.


Here is what we are drinking tonight:

Wildly jealous, just totally green with envy!

Any Smoked Alaskan Porter available there?

Jovial Monk
Hey Arab,
I am glad you are liking the beers. The Deschutes - Mirror Pond is brewed really close to where I used to live. It has a very nice brew pub if you have time. If you see any Bidgeport ESB definitly try it. It is a good Portland beer.

The Sierra Nevada is pretty good but very hoppy.
joshc16 said:
The Sierra Nevada is pretty good but very hoppy.


You say that like it is a bad thing. I lived on that stuff when working in the states for three months a couple of years back.
half ya luck tda

jm the first pic bottle on the left is what your looking for.alaskan smoked porter
Good to see you are making the most of it TDA.
From memory I think you said you are there for 6 weeks so that one bottle shop owner is going to love you, and your doctor is nowhere to be seen :lol:
Look forward to more updates.

Greeting again boys and girl :)

Currently in Sitka, on Baranoff Island and is this place spectacular or what!
Had a quick peek at the biggest bottleshop here and on checking out the beer selection my jaw hit the ground :D

Photos will be forthcoming but what I can remember:

4 Stone Brewing beers (IPA, Arrogant, Double A and Smoked Porter)
Deschutes (Porter, Stout and Pale)
Bridgeport IPA and ESB
Rogue beers
Sierra Nevada (Pale, Porter, Bigfoot)
Anchor (Liberty, Steam and another)
Alskan (ESB, Stout, Pale, Summer Ale, Amber, Smoked Porter)
Moose Drool?

and about 20 to 30 other craft beers.

I'm going in tomorrow for a small buy up before I head back to Sand Point.

Take care everyone.


PS, Sierra Nevada Pale is good :party:
hey TDA, sounds like you are enjoying things up north. that shop in sitka has a pretty impressive selection for such a small town. enjoy!
I was born and raised in Oregon and know all those beers...ah memories. You should hook up with some Sierra Nevada celebration ale if you can find it, it's similar to arrogant ******* ( a bit more subtle I think-it doesn't jump out of the bottle and smack you around). I've spent many hours getting quietly plastered at both the Rogue and Deschutes brewpubs. I also went about 200 miles out of my way once to stop at Sierra Nevada only to find them closed..shit, it was a Monday. I think the Rogue brewpub on the pier at Newport is my favorite. You can throw a crab ring out and walk a couple minutes and watch it from a window seat while drinking Rogue old crustacean or any of the like-18 house beers they have on tap and watch the seals steal your bait fish. It's a great time.. And you find a better selection of craftbrews in a town of 3,500 people there then you can in Brisbane, and unfortunately thats not an exaggeration. Oh well, I see things happening here that were happening in the states twenty years ago...that's what this forum is all about. Once a person has been converted to good beer they never go back, so it's only a matter of time before things change for the better here as they did there. Craft comestibles spring up as an inevitable reaction to the corporate dumbing down of all things good. I'm rambling now.
moose drool.
more like beer selection drool.

big d
sn porter is a ncie brew too ,that reminds me i have a snpa to finish off and a sn porter as well

PS, Sierra Nevada Pale is good :party:

TDA,I could taste a lot of cooked corn in SNPA. I reckon LCPA is better.
You might have got a dodgy bottle or 2, or you are very sensitive to DMS. The BYO clone brew recipe doesnt note any corn or grits in their(SNPA) clone. I dont know if they(SNPA) would use corn either.
Here's some notes ripped from the BJCP site about DMS.

DMS, or dimethyl-sulfide produces the aroma and taste of cooked vegetables, notably corn, celery, cabbage or parsnips. In extreme cases, it may even be reminiscent of shellfish or water in which shrimp has been boiled. DMS is normally produced by the heat-induced conversion of S-methyl-methionine, but most of this evaporates during an open, rolling boil. A closed boil or slow cooling of the wort may therefore lead to abnormally high levels. Some DMS is also scrubbed out during a vigorous fermentation, which is why lagers and cold-conditioned ales may have slightly higher levels than warm-fermented ales. Wild yeast or Zymomonas bacteria may produce high enough levels of DMS to make the beer undrinkable. Low levels of DMS are appropriate in most lagers, particularly American light lagers and pre-prohibition pilsners, but are not desirable in any ale style.

Hope this helps
Linz said:
You might have got a dodgy bottle or 2,

Hi linz,
As far as picking and knowing what DMS is i think darren is right up there with the best, in my books at least.
If it was DMS it would have to be a whole batch not a couple bottles, if it were the bottles than you would look at infection and then it would more than likely have a rancid charater aswell like that of cabbage.

I don't doubt that SNPA should be a mind blowing beer, but i also wouldn't ever doubt that darren could pick faults in beer.

Admiration soceity lecture over

EDIT: thanx for the big tease TDA and i look forward to some more beer reports. :super:

Never doubted Darren's prowess......and wasnt aiming the latter half of the post at him

True, would be a whole batch or batches, but on re-reading Darrens post, sounds like He "could" taste it every time He drinks it. The number was only figurative.

Beers dont have to rancid whilst infected also(Lambics?)

Only ask one thing.???
focus on the last line in my previous post...I was only Hoping

But it is good to see you Sth Aus guys holding each others hands down there ;-P
Linz said:
But it is good to see you Sth Aus guys holding each others hands down there ;-P

Yeah good on ya :excl:

Linz I see were your coming from and sorry I took it as you were trying to tell us crow eaters what DMS tastes like.

When the levee breaks
PS i wonder how drunk the arab is right now?

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