Gelatine Or Finings In Keg To Clean A Hazy Mother Of A Rye Ale?

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Hey guys. I have an uber hazy rye ale... my mistake was no rest to account for all the rye (so I'm told). I now know better for next time. The beer tastes great. but is so foggy. The most of any beer I've ever made.

I crashed chilled at 3 degrees for 4 weeks, then added gelatine (first time) to the fermenter, but just poured the solution in and gave it a slight shake. Perhaps I should have stired it.

Anyway I kegged it, and it's 2 days into carbing up. I'm wondering if anything can be done to clear it up?

Can I add more gelatine to the keg, wait a week, pour and ditch a pint and the rest might clear up? Polyclar? I have a filter, so could also force it through that before it carbs up?
If you have a spare keg you could Polyclar then filter from keg to keg. A lot of stuffing around.
If you enjoy it as is, i say leave it be unless you plan on serving to those who judge 99% by looks before evening tasting.

Edit: Even then myself have gone off filtering, only doing for kegged beer that will be moved or served elsewhere so shit dont stir up off the bottom but i reckon it strips flavour.
Great thanks guys, I'll have a read. I don't mind filtering keg to keg, not too much stuffing around for me. I'd be happy to if it was going to clear it up.

One question with polyclar... I've been told you don't want to ingest this stuff as it's plastic, so would I make the solution, chuck it into the keg, leave for a few days, then get rid of the first pour as all the polyclar will have settled to the bottom?
Check out the Pilsner I pour in the Braumeister brew thread video I made. It was still a bit cloudy after crash chilling and cold conditioning. So I made up 2 tsps of gelatine in 100mls of hot water and dumped it straight into the keg. 2 days later....perfect.

Wow that looks clear to me! Def picked up some pointers from your video. Makes me realise how slack I am on brew days.

Also I'll add you have inspired me to go back to chilling from no chill... I think this is not helping my clarity issues, and as I do mostly hoppy ales it would not do any harm.
This Brew Strong episode on Finings and clarity is pretty useful too.
From memory starches that come out of solution when the beer is cold (i.e chill haze) are pretty much with you to stay once you've finished the ferment.
Particulates (suspended yeast etc) can be cleared with finings if thats your problem.
If you've got the former, not the latter - close your eyes and enjoy the ride - as they say you don't look at the mantle piece while your stoking the fire! :lol: