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I put down my first ever brew last night. Wasn't too adventurous - used a Pils fresh wort and pitched s-04 (I think - have it written down somewhere @ home!)
Woke this morning to find everthing going along nicely. I plan to rack when finished and store in my normal beer fridge for two weeks or so.
Do I need to watch the temp during cold conditioning, or do I just put it in and watch the clock for two LONG weeks.

As I'm just kicking off, any advise will be appreciated.

Quincy, you don't need to watch the temp too much. Just keep it at 5C or below and make sure it doesn't wildly fluctuate. A few degrees here and there won't hurt it. Just make sure your wort is fully fermented before you rack.

- Snow
Thanks Snow.
I hear so much about when to rack and had decided to wait until it was fully fermented just to be safe.
I have also been told to give a gentle stir once in the racking bin to help produce co2 to clear the head space and prevent oxidisation ????
Is this OK or should I just leave it.

No don't stir it. The process of racking would have agitated it well enough already.

- Snow
yes, don't stir

Real easy to oxidise the wort. If you have racked to a cube there is very little headspace anyway.

Jovial Monk