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Well, hi again fella's. Been a bit quite lately so thought I'd post for the sake of posting. I did my first brew in quite a while last night. Needless to say that I've got a little out of practice and more importantly should have checked my gear over (after lending it to a friend) before I started. No I though, jumped right in I did.

Planned to start first thing Sunday morning, but I forgot about a working bee at the shooting range, so I ducked off to that and didnt end up getting started until around two. So we're running a bit behind schedule from the start.

Well, cut a long story short, I finally finished my brew at 11:30pm in the cold Tassie winter. Turns out one of my elements in my HLT blew when my friend last used it so I was running off only one element, which substantially increased the time it took to heat the water to strike temp. Then at 8:30pm on a Sunday night, I ran out of gas at the start of the boil (No fill places at that time of night, arg!! ). No worries, swap over to the bigger bottle and different reg-and no action there! The reg is stuffed. So I quickly ducked into work and "borrowed :ph34r: " a bottle from there to get me boiling again :beerbang: .

At least when the ambient temperature is not much above 2 degrees and your water might be all of 7-8C you can chill super quick :super: .

I just did a nice simple pale ale with Wyeast 1056. Hit my OG of 1050 perfectly. Had a bit of TF Marris Otter, JW Pale, JW Wheat and TF crystal. Hopped with a selection of Fuggle, Challenger and Vanguard for flavour and aroma. (Trying to use up a bit of my hop stocks). Beautiful copper colour so lets hope it comes out ok after the pain and suffering (well frozen testicles :unsure: anyway). Damn brewing in fun isn't it.

Beer stocks were low, a beer had to be made.

Cheers guys.

All that stuff going wrong in 1 brew! Hopefully everything goes well from now on.
Good to see you're getting back into it.
Looking at doing a APA with 1056 this long-weekend.

Hey, how's things Hoops? Yep well she's fermenting nicely now, I'll follow up this brew with another on the yeast cake. Not sure yet but maybe another stout (got to love em, thinking about making it more in line with an ale version of my schwarzbier recipe, untilising Pale, munich and Carafa Sp3).

I do like 1056 (I've done a number of brews with it, including some nice stouts), although I do have some other favourite ale yeasts. I was fortunate enough to be given about 9 packs of Wyeast from a mate who works at a brewery. So I popped two packs of 1056 and got a starter going pronto. Still got another pack of 1056, 3 packs of 2000 Budvar Lager and 3 packs of 3638 Bavarian Wheat.

Edit: Actually, thinking more into the use of this 2000 Budvar and reading it's profile, perhaps I should do a traditional Budvar then the schwarzbier on the cake with this yeast. Turns out this yeast is a seasonal variety and reading up on Budweiser Budvar it sounds like a nice lager brewed exclusively with Saaz hops. Now wouldn't you know it, we just got in 5kgs of Saaz to split between a few blokes. Got to love it when a plan comes together. Cool.

Looking forward to doing a few more brews over the coming weekends.

Cheers, Justin
Justin said:
So I popped two packs of 1056 and got a starter going pronto. Still got another pack of 1056, 3 packs of 2000 Budvar Lager and 3 packs of 3638 Bavarian Wheat.


I have heard about this yeast and know it is a sesonal however it isn't on the wyeast website, does anyone in AUS sell this when it comes in season?

When is the season?

Would love to give it a try one day...

Howdy Justin,

If you're looking at trying to make something like Budvar, check this out.

Riggers' Budvar

Having tried a few of Riggers' (Paul Rigby's) beers. I can vouch for them big time. Truly knows his onions and taught me a heck of a lot. :super:

Warren -
Ha Ha, well spotted Warren. I'd stumbled on exactly that info myself when looking for info about the Budvar yeast. It was the info on the G&G site that inspired me to brew one. I'm guessing it will be a fairly standard pale german/czech lager but I'm still keen to give it a go and see how it turns out.

Sluggerdog, yeah I noticed the 2000 Budvar isn't on the Wyeast site. And I couldn't spot it in any of the Aussie HBS websites either so I don't know how you'd get hold of it here in Oz. As I said, I picked up these from a brewery that was throwing them out (they were only manufactured in Feb 2005) through a mate. I have a feeling that microbreweries have access to a few more strains of Wyeast than we do. I noticed it is readily available to the US home brewers though.

Slugger, send me a PM.

Cheers, Justin

If you contact Grain and Grape they're Aus. distributors for Wyeast. They've gotten in specialty strains for me before. Only takes a few weeks. They generally get them from the states a week after mfg date or so.

Pretty sure they'd be able to get the Budvar strain if your avenues fail.

Warren -
from wyeast:

Thank you for your email and interest in the Budvar 2000 strain. We are in the process of updating and overhauling all of our information and it should be available mid summer on the web site etc. However here is the information you are requesting

Budvar 2000:

Nice malty nose, subtle fruit. Rich malt profile on palate. Finishes malty but dry, well balanced, crisp. Hop character comes through in finish.

Apparent Attenuation: 71-75% Flocculation: Medium High

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