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G'day guys, started my home brew experience recently, and have my first brew kegged and bottled. Bit worried about it, but no expectations. 2nd and 3rd brew down at the moment. Heaps of great info for me on these forums have been great. But I have a couple of questions. I am just using kits at the moment and my temps are around 24-27. Most people say to leave brew fermenting for longer then instructions say. Is this still advisable at these temps? Or should I bottle when my hydrometer readings are the same 2 days in a row?
Also I am kegging 19l of the brew and bottling the rest (4l) should I prime them seperatly or could I bulk prime in the fermenter before kegging n bottling. Cheers
Get your temps to 18 for ales 10 or so lagers. Give ales a min 2 weeks then crash chill. Lagers min 3 longer if u can. Bulk prime separate bucket but for 4 litres wouldn't worry bout it. the extended length of ferm times allow yeast to clean up
It won't hurt it at that temps so long as its not a huge time frame.
I will suggest you get the temps down a bit to around 18-22 for ales and 8-12 degrees for lagers. You will get a better product if you do this.
I normally get my two same readings then wait a week as you will get the secondary fermentation which is the yeast cleaning up the beer and also you will get flocculation in that time as well which will lead to less sediment in your bottles.
If your kegging add your findings to the keg with your bulk prime liquid and then individually prime the left over..
Alternatively reduce the batch volume to 19L and get a slightly more flavoursome beer.
Thanks guys, goin to go with temp control later i reckon, (keeping an eye out for old fridge for sale) but for now at these temps would it hurt my brew if left an extra week after 2 readings the same?
Ok to leave it another week. Temp control isn't quite as important once fermentation has completed, that's not to say it doesn't matter at all.

Edit: oops, was doing a Google search for bulk priming. Forgot how old this thread was when I replied

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