Fermentation, Cold Conditioning, Diacetyl Questions for a Mexican Lage

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Hi All,

I've just started a Mexican Lager (supposed to be a Corona clone) and am after some tips on the best process to take, eg. temps, times, etc. (My first lager so I don't really know what I'm doing here)

I am using White Labs Mexican Lager Yeast WLP940, and an all grain brew I bought pre-made from the brew shop so I can't tell you whats in it.

I pitched the yeast directly into the fermenter on 29/01/13 and started it at about 24C, dropped it to 15C the next morning and then 11C that afternoon which it will stay at for the rest of the primary fermentation, my main questions are;

Diacetyl rest - When? For how long? At what temperature? How quickly can the temps be changed?

Lagering/Cold conditioning - I dont have a secondary fermenter, can I lager in the bottles? Keep it in the fermenter after diacetyl rest? For how long? At what temperature?

I appreciate any tips or suggestions anyone might have.
Whoops sorry just realised where I posted this.. can one of the mods please move this to the General Brewing Techniques forum?

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