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Just cracked open a bottle of a ezibrew Australian lager.

I brewed it with Coopers high temp lager yeast at 18 deg and throw 25g POR in the fermenter.

Has come out darker than the beers I like but has a some what coffee flavor in its finish.

Has good aroma and is nice on the palate.

Quite a nice drop...

I reckon they must have labelled the tin wrong. That does not resemble an Australian Lager in any way, shape or form... Especially if you are getting coffee flavours!
Looks very much like Coopers Dark Ale from the photo.
Yes is very dark for a lager as that is what the packaging said. Would agree it is labeled wrong. I have a pale ale one here I will brew soon we will see how that turns out. Will hold on to this one till winter should be a nice cold day drop.


Edit : By the way this was carb with one drop for a tallie and came out with a nice carb for headstart glasses.
Ezybrew pale ale is pretty good. I dry hopped mine with ~30g amarillo but probably would be better with some cascade or something like that.

Make sure you let us know if you do any more ezybrews, good to use when you dont have time to brew and want some good tailor made beer

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