Esb Wort - American Pale Ale.

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Howdy All, has anyone used the "ESB wort - American Pale Ale"? If so could you please tell me what was your intial S.G., and at what temp did you ferment at?

My original S.G. was 1.041, after adding the 5 litres of water, and 300g of raw sugar, using American Ale Yeast 1056. The temperature of my wort is 21 degrees. :ph34r: I'm just wondering that recommended 5 litres of water that you add is too much :blink:

Also were you happy with the end result?
I've done one ESB fresh wort APA. I added the recommended 5 litres with Safale S-04 yeast and it came out a treat.

I fermented at 23 - 24 degrees (yours will probably come out better at 21)

Good luck...

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