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Just a noob question....i am currently doing double brews.46L...i am obviously doubling everything..the guy at my local homebrew shop told me that i dont need to double the hops.Is this correct?
I am up to my 5th brew and each is getting better as i get more adventurous with ingredients..i am enjoying experimenting.I am just using the teabag finishing hops,steeping for 15 mins and throwing the whole lot in...i am also trialling grain enhancers .the ones that are 200g and steep for 45 i also double them?

cheers mark
With kits, you don't need to use hops at all (though IMO it's better to). If you want the same out come as with one kit & fermentables with say 30g of hops steeped, then yeah, for two kits in double the volume you'll need to double the hops. Same goes with any other ingredient
yes you need to double what you are adding.

try getting your hops in larger packs....90-100gm instead of tea bags...much cheaper.
same with grains, buy 500gm-1kg batches of cracked grain at a time.

as you build up some reserve supplies of hops and grain you can really start to experiment

and before long you will have enough bits and pieces around to have a crack at a small BIAB or straight extract brew...

its a slippery slope, hold on dude.
1) watch where you take advice from. even in HB shops can give you BS.

2) as others say, you don't NEED to double the hops, just as you don't NEED to breathe,
however the alternative is perhaps unpalatable.

3) persoanlly I'd triple the hops.

IMHO if you double the volume then double everything.

But a word of caution, if you totally mess up a brew than it's a damn lot of beer to drink. And when you come to
experiment maybe smaller batches make more sense, I sometimes wish I had a smaller fermenter, 30 bottle experiments can be expensive and result in a lot of beer. Not every recipe is a resounding symphony of art and brew science.
thanks for the info...i know what you mean about differing advice..thank god for this forum..robbo you make a good point about smaller brews,i just now tasted an esb quckbrew that is finished carbing,hmm.46 litres is a lot to get through...As i am set up with large kegs,maybe i should half fill them...
Just ordered some hops and grain in bulk..this will bring the price down and allow me to experiment..

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