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Just noticed in my browsing that the forum had cracked one thousand posts. Here's cheers to fiscus, for bringing us this forum, and making it a little easier to discuss Australian related homebrewing with like minded people.


And I also had the honour of the 1000th post.
Woohooooo B)

:chug: :chug: :chug:
Well done guys!!! The member count isn;t really growing but its good to see a steady flow of regulars. Remember to keep the feedback and suggestions comming and I will try my best to complete them.

Online chat should be up and running by the end of the week - this should allow online people to chat in real time. Might make discussion easier.
To the Administrators
I dips me lid to you all. Congrats on the thousand mark and thanks for the forum

Linz :D

Damn fine work!

I really like how you've got file upload/embedding running now. Being able to see some of Docs photos and the rest is helpful (mind you I haven't progressed to full mash yet).

badg3er said:
irc?? online chat?
I just finished the code for the chatting module over the weekend.

I didn;t wanted to get involved with IRC, but if the chat becomes too popular I will have to move to that.

At the moment I have an online chat where the user login database is linked to the forum database, so once logged into the forum, you will be able to proceed to the online chat where you will be logged in automatically with your forum username.

I will hopefully get the module formatted and get the layout right early this week - so it is up and running by the end of the week.

I have also upgraded the (new) forum to 1.1 FINAL but that will only be visible once I finish the chat module and move everything across :)

I'm looking forward to the chat, I will just monitor it closely for a little while to see if there are any usage/server issues. I was surprise that there was no real readily avaliable chat module for the Invision board - so it took a little while to go through the exisitng code and make it suit.

We can only thank you guys, the readers and regulars, for keeping this forum alive - lord know that the admins (well... me :unsure: ) don't hav eto do much, and I've been particularly inactive of late, mainly due to moving house and so on.

Looking forward to another thousand guys!


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