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Hi Team,
Completed my trial brew - a Tumut River Brewing Company Australian Pale Ale called Hitchiker Guide to the Galaxy. I grabbed a 19l keg of it at Christmas after building out a keezer. I liked it so much I purchased a wort of the same for my trial brew using a 3V system I pulled together. Pre-hopped it was simply a matter of diluting it to 19 litres adding the yeast and cracking on. From memory it is slightly less bitter and slightly lighter than that I grabbed in the keg - but I find the balance a little better. Could be wishful thinking too!

Pictures are of the first glass out of the keg - after 10 days at 10psi. Nothing poured off - straight from keg to glass so a little more head than the following glasses.
HGTTG Small poured.jpg
HGTTG Small empty.jpg

If you are about the Snowy Region it is well worth dropping into the brewery. The wort is available direct from them - but in my case I picked it up from my LHBS.

I have uploaded the details on Brewers Friend here if you are interested. Worth a crack - four out of five stars from me - but probably my last extract as I have the first AG cold crashing as I type!

Cheers n Beers


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